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Cotton Masks

With the current shortage of medical supplies, we have shifted our production to sewing reusable cotton masks. To help ensure medical grade N95 masks are available to our frontline healthcare workers, non-medical masks, including fabric masks, are needed for many other essential workers who are still doing their jobs every day.  In some places, masks are now being recommended for everyone anytime they leave their home to help slow the spread.

We have masks available for personal use as well as masks that can be donated to a facility of your choice (please make sure they will accept them first!).

These masks are all listed as "Pay What You Can".  We understand that everyone wants to help all of our essential workers, family and friends during this time.  For those able to pay a bit less, we'll help cover the costs to get the masks to those in need. For those able to pay a bit more, it will help us purchase more fabric to make even more masks.

**This is a not-for-profit initiative. The prices for these masks are extremely low to help us simply cover the cost of supplies. All money & donations collected for these masks is used solely to purchase the materials needed to make even more masks.  Thank you for all of your support!**