Custom Work

This whole business started with custom aprons, apparel and gear for chefs and restaurants; and for a long time, that's all we did! While requests for check presenters, catering linens, pet gear and kitchen/home/kids accessories were also on our list of things to make, aprons have always been our number one custom order.

We quickly realized the same designs kept getting requested.  It makes sense, since all of our aprons were designed directly with chefs, the apron shape, pockets and straps are just as a chef would need them!

Eventually we decided it was time to stop being a "custom work only" kind of place and our lines of ready-made aprons were born. But our first love has always been custom work, so if you're looking for something different than what's in stock, we'd love to hear from you!

Want to Talk about a Custom Order?

We love doing custom work and are currently taking custom orders for aprons, restaurant apparel, pet gear and kitchen/home/kids accessories. 

The process always starts with an initial consult to find out more about what you're looking for and when you need it (this can be done in-person/on the phone/on Facetime, depending on where you are).  Once we have the basics down, we'll get into designing, prototyping and production of your final product. 

Send us an email at and we can set up an initial consult - we'd love to work with you!

Current wait times for new, small custom orders (less than 10 aprons, for example) is approximately 4-6 weeks (not including shipping time).  Please contact us for larger order wait times.

Custom Pricing

Pricing will vary depending on the product and quantity ordered.  Estimates can be provided after an initial custom consult.

Bulk order discounts are available on custom and ready-made designs.