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DIY Mask Kit Instructions

For one mask you will need:

  • Adult:  Three 9″ x 7″ rectangles
  • Child: Three 7″ x 5″ rectangles* 
  • 2x40" long Bias Tape 40″ (2x32" for child)
  • Floral Wire 8" (6″ for child) (Optional)

*To make a child's mask from our DIY kit, you will need to cut down the fabric and straps to the sizes indicated above!


*If you get stuck or have questions about the instructions, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook and we'll try to help you out!  Find us @koa.provisions

Step 1. Pin Fabric

Place the two pieces of same coloured fabric together. Save the third different coloured piece for the end of step 2. Place a pin in each corner of the rectangle and horizontally mark the center of the rectangle.

Step 2. Sew Filter Pocket

Halfway down from the top of the fabric sew a straight horizontal line 2-3″ long. Repeat this on the opposite side as well, leaving the middle unsewn. 

After you've sewn the lines, pinch both corners of the top fabric and pull them downwards to line up with the bottom. Flip it over pull the bottom up to meet to line up with the top. 

You'll end up with a hole in the middle, a filter can easily be slid into this pocket on the back side of your mask once it's complete.


Step 3. Sew on Front Fabric & Turn Right Side Out

Place the last rectangle on top. 

Sew the short sides of the face mask making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam using a 3/8ths inch seam allowance.

You will end up with a tube shape.

Turn the mask right side out so the seam is on the inside and use an iron to press it flat.

Step 4. Create Pleat Markings

Create three pleat markings by folding the mask in half and pressing it with an iron.  Open it up and fold the outside edges to the center and press again.

When you open it up, you will have the markings for where the pleats will go later on.


Step 5. Make Bias Tape

Using the long 40" pieces of fabric (A), press each in half widthwise (B), open it back up and then fold each half toward this pressed line (C).  Fold in half again and press to create a 3/8" bias tape - it will look like a "V" shape (D).

Step 6. Create Pleats

Create 1/2” folds facing downwards, for a total of 3 pleats (2 pleats on child sized masks). Pin the folds in place making sure all tucks are facing the same direction.

NOTE: You can pin these pleats AFTER step 7, once the straps are sewn on.  Some find doing it that way makes the straps easier to pin and sew because the fabric lays flatter.  Making the pleats first allows you to finish all the sewing in one step - either way is completely fine!


Step 7. Sew on Straps

Find the center of the bias tape and position it at the center of the mask.

Sandwich the mask between the two sides of the bias tape and pin in place (the bottom of the "V" shape becomes the top and bottom edges of the mask).

Sew the bias tape in place starting at one end of the strap.  If you are putting in wire for the nose, make sure it is on the top of the mask (the dark grey strap in the picture below - pleats always facing down).  

The filter slot should be facing away from you, this will be located on the backside of the mask.

*OPTIONAL: before pinning on the strap for sewing, place the piece of floral wire in the back top middle of the mask to create a flexible nose piece. Bend the ends of the wire inwards to prevent them from poking through the fabric. Slide the bias tape over the wire to encase it. Push the wire upwards to avoid sewing over it.

Step 8. Topstitch

Sew over the pintucks along the right and left edge of the entire mask to hold the pleats in place.

Congrats - your mask is complete!