Fabric & Leather Care

Fabric Care

The basic care instructions for your new apron are wash cold and air dry.

All fabrics have been pre-shrunk, but we only use natural fibers (i.e. cottons, linens etc.) which may shrink if washed or dried with heat. So keep everything cool and you'll be golden.   

Need a little more guidance? 

  • Got a little something on your apron? Spot clean with detergent & cool water
  • Need a full wash? Launder in cold water, and air dry (lay flat or tumble dry no heat)
  • PLEASE NOTE: If there is any leather on your apron, always remove it prior to any cleaning

Leather Care

We exclusively use vegetable tanned leather in our designs. 

Veg tanned leather is tanned without chemicals.  Instead the tanning process uses ingredients from nature - like tree bark, wood, leaves and roots.  This process allows for the imperfections and characteristics of each hide to remain and be appreciated.

Over time, with sun exposure, oil and everyday use, the leather will take on its own patina, making each piece unique to its owner.  Truly an item that customizes itself to you.

As you use your leather you will notice it darkening from its original light color to a much deeper caramel.

Your leather has come to you oiled, and depending on how you use it, maintenance may be minimal. If you start to notice the leather looking dry and cracked, wipe on a bit of oil (like neatsfoot) or a mixture of oil and beeswax if you want some waterproofing.  These are the most natural options and may only need to be done as little as every 6 months depending on product usage.