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Cotton Masks - pack of 2

Cotton Masks - pack of 2


Triple layer cotton reusable masks with ties.  All masks have a pocket to insert an additional filter and a wire nose fitting.

Pack of two so you have one to wear and one to wash at all times.

Available in Adult and Child size. Colours will vary.

These masks are listed as "Pay What You Can".  We understand that everyone wants to help all of our essential workers, family and friends during this time.  For those able to pay a bit less, we'll help cover the costs to get the masks to those in need. For those able to pay a bit more, it will help us purchase more fabric to make even more masks.

*Please limit your purchase to only what you need*


Things to remember:
- Tie the straps snugly and fit the wire nose piece to reduce gaps

- Once the mask is on, try to avoid moving and shifting the mask around as much as possible

- Always wash your hands before putting on your mask, and after you take it off

Washing Instructions:

- Launder before first use

- Wash in hot water daily

- Dry in direct sunlight or tumble dry hot

- Bleach if necessary

*All masks are final sale and are non-returnable, non-refundable